Jan. 4th, 2013 04:15 am
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A real post will come soon, promise, but I just found this on tumblr:

It's a community-based superhero story!!  Well, anti-hero.  He started out as an OC Batman villain and he's still sort of that but there's a whole world of heroes and villains and other anti-heroes growing up around him and people are adding to the mythos as fast as they can type/draw and I need sleep and I DON'T CARE because this is the coolest thing I ever seen happen, people.  Community-sourced superhero!  I'm beside myself.  SO COOL!!

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I haven't dived in yet, but the water looks fine.

My Skywatch outline has been returned to me, and I have been tweaking it for several days, mostly fixing the beginning and the end (I've noticed a trend).  I'm not entirely sure about either of the scenes I added, so I'm going to set the outline aside for a few days and then come back, see if time lends perspective.  Actually writing the book might be the best way to tell at this point.  I'm (still) almost there.

Writing that isn't steampunk )
Wandering back around to the subject of steampunk (I think this is my longest just-about-me post--some of the WindyCon posts might be longer, but I'm not sure), I've been reading and watching whatever I can get my hands on via libraries and netflix.  Cherie Priest's book Boneshaker was very good, though it took me a week and a half to get through the first two hundred pages, I read the second in about two hours.  Definitely a book worth sticking with.  The Otomo anime Steamboy was also rollicking fun, and the background art is gorgeous.    Reading the subtitles, watching the movie and oogling the background was kinda difficult at one in the morning, but worth the trouble.

I also found the '60s tv show The Wild, Wild West, which is black and white and ridiculous but pretty fun, too.  I also had a geek-out moment in the very first episode, because I'd seen Sherlock Holmes (which is kinda steampunk-y) that day and there's a shot in the movie that's identical to a shot in the pilot, down to the design of the sleeve-gun.
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Definitely felt like I've been on a precipice for a couple of weeks.  The research for Skywatch was driving me mad; I got really tired of reading about colonialism.  Once the anger, frustration, and distasteful residue of the expansionist history of the nineteenth century wore off, though, I settled back down to finish worldbuilding and outlining.

Cut for writerly nattering )
In a completely unrelated note, I finally found time to see "The Princess and the Frog," and it is a movie made of wonderfulness.  Tiana has a song called "Almost There" that I've already nearly memorized.
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First: The Novel has not yet returned to my hands.  I hope it gets back to me relatively soon--that would be a great Christmas present.

In Skywatch news, after a break wherein I poked at my short stories and ransacked several public libraries, I've spent the last few days learning about the histories of Egypt, India, China, France, England and the Netherlands during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. 

Research-y Stuff (mostly history) )
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. . . specifically, two weeks after DPI concluded.

The ceremony was lovely, even if saying goodbye to everyone I met was sad.  We were given one last book as a "graduation" gift, a hardcover Hemingway.  I hope to stay in touch with everyone, but I think we were all either beat or frantic after the Institute, since the e-mail list that was getting five to ten messages a day during DPI has fallen almost silent.  I'm certainly still pretty tired, but then I've been going nonstop since January (trimesters are awesome . . . except that I graduated with barely enough time to finish my DPI homework before getting on the plane in July).

In the weeks I've been home, I've mostly slept, written, and read.  This pleases me.  Oh, and job-searched.  But that's less fun.

I've finally decided on my next writing project. )

At least this has a title.  Or a workable working title, anyway.  Prospective series name: City in the Sky.  Book title: Skywatch.

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Midnight showings are fun.

What follows is an account of what happens when I have time to kill before a movie and a notebook. )

Despite today's jittery exhaustion and the unintentional nap I took after dinner, I had a great time.


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