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Ms. Marvel #1 came out today!

I have all the good news on the first Pakistani-American teenage girl to head her own superhero title at one of the mainstream houses. 

--I showed up to buy the comic not four hours after my LCS opened and they were already OUT.  I lucked out and one of the employees let me buy me their copy. 

--The book is only $2.99, which is a huge relief for me since a monthly at $3.99 is a little beyond my budget ATM. (Don't get me wrong, I'd buy it at $3.99, but a dollar is a dollar is actually slightly more than a dollar once you account for tax.)

--The book is hilarious, engaging, well-written and well-drawn/inked/colored from moment one.  I opened the issue on my way back to my car and the very first series of panels made me laugh.

--This is the first time in a long time I felt like an issue of anything was actually worth the price I paid for it.

Kamala Khan FTW, all.  I can't wait for next month.

(Especially since there's an EVIL CLIFFHANGER!)
anthimeria: Barbara Gordon, in wheelchair, hand fisted, with the word "Not half beaten yet" (Oracle: Not Beaten)
For anyone who wandered over here after the completely kickass Women Who Love Comics panel, and are looking for recs, I shall attempt a list, including a few from audience members and fellow panelists!  And I shall also attempt to ask around and add more comics as the con progresses.

For now, because it's late and I need sleep, my recs for superhero titles to read if you like character relationships done well along with your monster-fighting and reality-hopping:

-Claremont's run on Uncanny X-Men from the early '80s
-Ultimate Spider-Man
-Blue Beetle (v3, with Jaime Reyes)
-Birds of Prey (Gail Simone!!)
-Justice League International

If you have no idea where to get them, check out Hater Free Wednesdays on tumblr for good local comics shops where you can go in with a list and ask the employees for help without fear of comic shop creepers.

PS: All DC titles I recommend are always pre-Reboot.


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