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Sep. 9th, 2016 06:54 pm
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Took ~20 minutes this morning and culled my dresser.  Tried to get rid of "I have 4+ items that serve the same purpose, this is my least favorite", "no longer fits", "not my style anymore" and "why do I even have this?"  Filled most of a paper bag with clothes to donate.

The problem is, now I have a paper bag full of clothes sitting in my room.  This was also a problem when I culled my books, but a box was easy to find space for elsewhere (stacked with all the other boxes of books to donate . . .).  A bag?  Not so much.  That's fine for right now--the bag has a reasonable spot--but I can see this becoming a problem as I cull not just the rest of my wardrobe, but all my belongings.  Where am I going to put the stuff before I can drop it off?

I may have to plan to make several donation trips, as annoying as that would be.  Clutter as a result of de-cluttering would be irritatingly ironic.


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