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About a year ago, I wrote my first-ever picture book manuscript.  For quite awhile it appeared to be the only picture book I'd ever write, and I know nobody wants to publish a one-off, so after I worked really really hard on it and ended up with something I was actually pretty proud of, I shelved it.  I had novel work to do, and I'm definitely a go-the-distance girl where novels are concerned.

But once I'd written a picture book, I knew I could do it again, if I ever had any ideas.

I've had a few, but one arose from a teasing conversation at work.  There's a picture book series called Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs, because the author knows what four year old boys want, and it was discussed that we could make pirates out of all kinds of things.  Somehow mermaids came up, and while we were laughing, we were also surprised we couldn't think of a single book--picture book or chapter book--about pirate mermaids.  (I know of one short story, but it's not aimed at children.  At all.)

Until today.

The manuscript's a mess, since I was still figuring things out as I wrote it, and it's a little long--I'd like to cut at least 35 words, 50 might be better--but there you have it.  I've written my second-ever picture book, and it's about pirate mermaids.


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Date: 2013-10-07 03:15 am (UTC)
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Pirate mermaids?! AWESOME.


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