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I think that should be my motto for Trial.  Just finished the applying the hard copy edits, which means I have an official draft II, clocking in at 35701 words.  This is MUCH shorter than I thought this draft would be--though to be fair I cut at least a thousand words, if not more, so the actual number of words added is higher.

The next draft is going to be focused on big picture issues, including the new subplot I discovered needs to be added.  To do it right, I need to do two things: one, step away for a while to gain perspective, and two, sit down and actually read the ms in one go.  Because of the time it took to do the edits that comprise dii, I haven't actually done this yet, and it needs doing.

But not right now.  Right now I need to get serious on the worldbuilding and outlining for my next project, which hopefully I will be able to tell you about in my next post!

Unless I read something interesting before then, in which case you'll get a book recommendation first.


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