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Yesterday was AWESOME and the writing workshop was useful as always and I met new people and met back up with people I knew from years before and have accumulated, katamari-style, an extended group to hang out with and chat about panels and writing with.

Also, FIRST PANEL EVER yesterday, the Stop Killing Minority Characters panel, which I think went well (and I have asked for criticism and so far people seem to be saying we did well, but would they really tell one of the panelists if there were issues?  I hope so, this being WisCon, but who knows).  It was fun, anyway, and I got to practice good panelist behavior (face the audience, don't cover your mouth, be succinct and let other people talk) with other panelists who were also awesome.

Plus: on a panel with Nisi Shawl!!  EEE!

The discussion was interesting and the audience was awesome and basically it was a blast.

Then dinner, in which we accumulated our group katamari-style (I'm stealing this phrase, it is awesome) and then more panels and parties and lastly a midnight-to-one panel and then crashing.

This morning I ended up accidentally sleeping through the Spontaneous Writing Contest, which I had signed up for, but at least it was a situation where me not showing up meant someone else could participate in my place.  A morning panel about the whole Author is Dead school of critique and how it works (or doesn't) and how it works with social media, and interesting chatting with part of the katamari-group from last night and the panelists afterward, and also I want to do a follow-up panel next year called "So the Author is a Zombie: Now What?" about fanfic and other fanworks as critique and/or commentary on source material and how fandom and living, available authors interact and influence each other especially in longer-running, serial, and multi-author works like comics, movies and television.  Anyone interested in doing that panel at WisCon next year let me know!

So I breaked for lunch, skipping the journeyman writer's meeting because I am meeting and talking with other writers in the hallway, and now I'm scarfing lunch and writing this basically to keep myself from imploding or exploding.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend, see y'all later!

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Date: 2013-05-26 05:22 am (UTC)
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You are at WisCon and I am lying in bed seething with jealousy.


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