Mar. 29th, 2016

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* checks date *

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As we used to say in the days of LJ (. . . and ffn, if that's not showing how long I've been in fandom), RL Happened.  I'd like to get back to updating this regularly, but I also know making promises I can't keep is never a good idea.  I also don't think it will look the same, if I do update more often.

Originally, I intended this blog to solely be about my writing, and writing-related things in my life (WisCon, book recs, etc).  And while writing is still very important to me, I have found that twitter is a really good place to put the sort of daily-ish updates and frustrations.  Less formal and quicker to jot off than a blog entry.  That's one non-RL reason I haven't been over here in a while.

I have some ideas about how I'd like this to evolve, while also being aware I'm pretty much talking to myself.  I welcome readers!  I'm also aware I don't HAVE many, and since that's not really the goal, that's fine.  Feel free to unfollow/follow/etc, no hard feelings.

There's a lot going on in my life right now that blog entries might be appropriate for--a new teaching job this summer (teaching talented kids to write fantasy!  Best summer job ever!), I've started a Massive Re-Write of the swan book (totally different outline, much more horror than urban fantasy), and I'll likely be moving for the first time ever as a grownup.  I've moved before, but not what I'd consider properly--I moved 2000 miles with two suitcases, which didn't involve much packing, and I moved within town three times the first year I was out here, but I've been in my current place for almost 5 years now, and I've accumulated stuff.  Unlike the last time I moved across state lines, I won't be able to leave anything I don't want at my parents' house.  The move is probably the biggest thing, really.  And doing new things always makes me want to write about them, and really, that's one thing that won't fit well on twitter.

So.  We'll see how it goes, yeah?

Meanwhile, I'm 1k into the Wingless re-write, and I have 2k more to write today, so I should stop procrastinating and do that.  Wish me luck!


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