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There's panels about interesting, complicated topics with great discussion and audience participation!  You can walk up to anyone in a badge and start a conversation!  Everyone's friendly and enthusiastic!  We're leaning really, really far to the left and talking about it!  There are panels on everything from Intersectionality in Fandom to Chicks Dig Doctor Who to the Craft of YA Writing to so much more!

And I feel safe at this con.  I've been to a lot of comic cons where my friends and I will be digging through the back issues, and every time some guy--sometimes the guy running the booth!--will comment on the fact that we're girls.  Ooh, girls at a comic con, what will they do?  (I think WisCon's attitude toward oppression in sf/f is rubbing off.  I am okay with this!)  That doesn't happen here.

In equally exciting news, I am meeting lots of fellow spec-fic writers of all stripes!  The workshop went really well this morning, and I met and mingled not just with my group but my friend's, and also the friends of the people in both groups, so as of now I know seven new spec-fic writers well enough to go out for food with them.  And tomorrow at lunch is the Journeyman Writer's meeting, for people with at least one SFWA-qualifying sale, and thanks to S&S, I can go to that!  So I will get to know more aspiring writers!

The big activity this afternoon was The Gathering, which is a bunch of fun things to do in a large area, and people can mingle and mix and learn to pick locks or get their hair done in fancy braids or pick up a rescued ARC in exchange for a dollar donation to WisCon, so that was fun, and my friend and I both ran into people we knew sort of vaguely and hooked up with them for a while, which was unexpected but welcome.

Then I went to a panel about the intersectionality of cybernetics/prosthesis and race/class/gender/age/sexuality, which was really neat, with a great audience.

There was also a First WisCon dinner, wherein people for whom this was their first time at WisCon (such as myself) gathered in small-ish groups and went out to dinner!  So I met more awesome people and might've found a beta/editor for The Novel.  And maybe also a fellow writer with whom I can swap Skywatch.

Then opening ceremonies, which were fun, and then a panel called "Class 101," which was basically an introduction to talking about American/modern classism and how it works and why it's such a slippery, intersectional topic.  Also neat, also with a great audience.  Hung out at a party for a while chatting with a bunch of people I met today, and then came back to my friend's place to plan tomorrow!  There are so many panels, and so many that I want to go to all at the same time!  It's as bad as WindyCon.  Possibly worse, since while WindyCon was definitely a great time, I'm already way more involved in WisCon.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in till 8am!  Then I will lather/rinse/repeat today, hopefully with meeting even more cool people, fellow writers, and awesome audiences.  I need sleep, so I am going to quit rambling and go do that!


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