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I fixed the character arc scene that needed work in The Novel.  It's a lot of new writing, rather than just editing or even re-writing, so I'll need to revise it at a later point, but right now I'm just happy to have the new scene in there.  I also added ~600 words, even though I deleted a goodly chunk of the revised section, which brings the wordcount up from 92,047 to 92,630, and bring the "approximate wordcount" up from 92k to 93k.  Curse you, rounding!  Note to self: revise cover letter to reflect new wordcount.

I'm poking my nose into a few other projects that are in the research/worldbuilding stage, one YA and one grownup, but I think I'm going to return my attentoin to Trial.  I miss middle grade, and I've neglected the draft for too long.  I have a whole subplot that needs to be worked in!

Yes, I find this exciting.  C'mon, we know I'm weird that way.
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anthimeria: unicorn rampant, first line of Kipling's "The Thousandth Man" (Default)
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