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Started in on applying my hard copy edits to the .doc for Trial, and as expected, I'm essentially doing another round of editing.  Finished chapter one today--it took four hours and my total wordcount went up by 750 words--but I'm fairly pleased.  There's a few spots I think I went overboard with, and in a book where my goal chapter length is 1,500 words chapter one is 2,400 words, but it is chapter one and there's a lot of exposition and description to work in, so.

RL is being a bit insane right now (good insane, not literally being stressed to death by my job the way I was at this time last year), so I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to prioritize Trial, but I hope to get at least draft II finished before I'm forced to focus on other things.

In related news, I meant to work on Trial yesterday and instead ended up doing more worldbuilding for my next potential project.  There's still a lot of little details, and a more organized outline, that need to happen before I jump into it, but it's looking more and more like it'll be a thing.  It's another middle grade novel and my first true standalone (technically The Novel is a standalone, though it could have a sequel).  The rest of my current manuscripts--Skywatch and Trial--work just fine by themselves but have series planned.

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