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The story behind my entry in the WisCon writer's workshop is that, due to RL being insane, I didn't register for WisCon before the deadline passed.  Then someone I knew who was going to the workshop mentioned that the pieces hadn't been sent out yet, maybe I could sneak in?  So basically, I am crazy lucky, and submitted my story for the workshop literally the day the pieces were sent out.  Whoo!

Thing is: I hadn't initially planned to be in Madison at 9 am on Friday.  I'd booked a red-eye that arrived in Milwaukee at 6 am.  It's an hour and a half drive between the two cities.

What does this come down to?  Not enough sleep and NO WIGGLE ROOM in my schedule.

But again, fortune smiled (I need to rap on wood or something) and I made it to Madison with enough time to track down a can of coke and a banana (breakfast of champions for the been-up-too-long).  The workshop was, as expected, awesome, and I went out to lunch with people afterward, and then checked into my room and zoned and planned panels for the rest of the weekend.  Hit the Gathering, which was fun (but less fun than last time since I'm by myself this year, and thus depending on randomly meeting up with people I recognize from the workshop, WisCon two years ago, and occasionally FogCon).

A panel on the anti-hero later and then we breaked for dinner--I met up with a local friend, headed back for opening ceremonies (Andrea Hairston is the first-ever GoH of WisCon to also be a Tiptree winner in the same year!  Go her!), where there was tiara-giving and singing.

Break again for my mental health and to consume more caffeine, and then onto the parties!  Hit the Outer Alliance party first, wherein I won a free book!  Kind of incredibly randomly!  But free lesbian steampunk book FTW!

I'm not always great at mingling, especially in a context where I don't know too many people and/or only know them casually, and they're already engaged in conversation, so I wallflowered for a while before running into a few people I knew from the workshop and one from FogCon, so that worked.

Also, got a million compliments on my kickass Black Canary t-shirt.  Love it!

Tomorrow I am hitting the very first panel of the day (8:30-9:45) and then heading out to a wedding elsewhere, sadly meaning I'm missing Saturday of the Con.  But!  Wedding!  Excited!

So I will report back Sunday night.  (Maybe.  If I don't die of exhaustion dancing at Genderfloomp II.)
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