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Lauren K. Moody ([personal profile] anthimeria) wrote2015-04-29 12:19 am
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Novel progress

Note to future self (and anyone who's interested): check twitter for more day-by-day updates on wordcount.

So it turns out that trying to churn out 90k words in two and a half months takes up pretty much all your free time!  And while I sort of knew that, I'd never done it while also working, so that's a new and not entirely fun experience.  Getting sick for a week and a half also makes hitting daily and weekly wordcount goals difficult.

Doing this sort of intensive writing, though, makes me remember why I love it and why I want to do this for a living.  Some days (like today) it's like pulling teeth, but looking back and seeing you made slightly-better-than-goal wordcount that day because you finally hit your stride and breezed through the last 1k words is lovely.  That one weekend where everything came as easily to your fingers as you please and you hit 3k+ words the first day and your new highest-daily-wordcount-records of 6400 words the second is brilliant.

Those days when I need to get another thousand words done, but I'd been called in early to work and then nothing there went right and all I wanted to do was eat spaghettios and read fanfic till I fell asleep over the laptop . . . those days are less fun.  And sometimes I'd get to writing and it would make my day better and I'd go over wordcount for 1.5k more that day.  Sometimes I'd slog through 600 words and call it good enough.

Sometimes I ate spaghettios and read fanfic till I fell asleep over my laptop.

But I love my characters.  Grace, my main character, is geeky and sarcastic and quick-witted, and her best friend Martina is smart and clever and a great leader.  They're finally making other friends and even if there are bumpy issues, I love them and the terrifying world they've been let into (or, in Grace's case, elbowed their way into a refused to leave).  I look forward to finding out what Grace is going to say and how many geeky references she's going to make and how many of the people around her are going to stare in incomprehension when she uses netspeak IRL.  Martina just facepalms and smooths the way.  And sometimes turns into a swan.

I'm enjoying this book so much, y'all.  I missed writing YA and I never thought I'd love writing in the modern era so much.  It turns out it's a huge relief to be able to write about characters driving and answering cell phones and saying "neat" without having to worry about whether or not it's authentic to the period or the pseudo-historical fantasy world.  I LOVE IT.