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I appreciate workshops.  They show you new sides of your work, introduce you to new fellow writers, and hopefully give you useful feedback about your work.

It's just FRUSTRATING when you have five peer edits of the same chunk of manuscript and some of them contradict each other, and some of them agree with each other about something YOU think is wrong, and nobody comments on THAT ONE THING you were secretly hoping to get specific feedback about.

I spent today painstackingly going through every crit and dealing with comments small and large.  I also dealt with all the things I needed to think about for this draft that I discovered between submitting it to the workshop and actually workshopping it.  Basically, today was seven hours of fiddly, consequential drafting, and between the last few days and my scene re-write after FogCon, I've added ~1100 words to The Novel and have officially declared Draft IX done.

With any luck one or two folks from the workshop will be willing to exchange work with me, because I'd love to know if the issues they spotted in the first ~10k words are present in the rest of the book or if it's a beginning thing (I suck at beginnings, argh).

But until I know for sure, I think I need to set The Novel aside for a while and do some work on what might be my next project--YA steampunk, ahoy!
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