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I have the day off today, and it's my first day off since WisCon that I don't have doctor's appts or any other errands to run.  If I were most other people, that would mean relaxing, since my job is about to expand and this might be my last stress-free time to relax for awhile.

Since I'm a writer, it means I'm working on a first-read-through-and-edit of Trial.

As I type this, it is 5 pm.  I began working at 2:15 pm.  How much have I gotten done?

Six pages.

This is not because I'm getting distracted; on the contrary, my focus has been excellent.  This is because each page is so covered in ink that I'm a little bit afraid it's going to smear everywhere.

Beginnings are not my strong suit.

Fortunately for my sanity all the edits have been good additions or changes, I think I'm getting what I need down on the page, I'm reminded that I actually do like this universe and the people in it, and I'm having fun incorporating new worldbuilding details.  I'm, somewhat surprisingly, enjoying myself immensely.

We'll see if that holds out, but I have faith.  Trial is going to take many drafts to edit, and I saw that coming and prepared for it.  This draft might be brutal, but with hard work, it'll make every draft after easier.

Okay, back to the grindstone.  I shall endeavor to check in again at the end of the day and see if I've gotten through the whole manuscript, which is my goal, or if I've fallen asleep and spilled tea everywhere somewhere around chapter twenty.
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