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My final panel at which I was a panelist (I've been a panelist now!  EEE!) was this morning, on gender in spec-fic, and was . . . not the most interesting or productive panel I was on?  It wasn't bad, it was just--okay, the panel was on gender in spec-fic, and whether we've gone beyond the binary or otherwise messed with gender, what works did so, and how?  And the answer was sort of . . . spec-fic has fallen down on this.  There are many gender possibilities just in the real world, meatspace and digital, and spec-fic is still kind of trapped in the binary.  We ended up talking about the very few works with trans* characters, and a few where women's gender performance was non-normative and yet celebrated (or normative and celebrated as still strong), but we came to the conclusion that as a genre, spec-fic has been resting on the laurels of Le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness for like thirty years.

So.  Writers, readers, editors, publishers--this is one of those cases where reality is stranger than our fiction, which is supposed to be strange.  Step up.

On a much more hilarious note, went to Cousin of Sibling of Revenge of Not Another *-ing Race Panel, which was completely, side-splittingly funny.

In non-panel-related news, I have made new friends!  Hi new friends, should you find this blog!

I have been a crazy social butterfly this con (for me, anyway) and am finding that I accumulate more groups and people to hang out with the more years I go to WisCon and/or FogCon.  This is completely awesome and makes me look forward to WisCon next year even more.

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