Apr. 24th, 2014

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Would you believe I FORGOT that I wrote Trial in the present tense?  I opened the doc to start draft III today and had a "Huh . . ?" moment.

But once I got past it I hit a few fiddly things of the type that are a pain to change but a good way to get re-acquainted with a MS I haven't worked on in months.  Researched medieval heraldry, did some shoe-related clothing extrapolation, fixed some capitalization inconsistencies, that sort of thing.  Then I went back through my notes from the first few chapters and hit the things I knew I could fix right then.

I haven't touched the larger underlying stuff that needs to be added--more magic, and the magic-related subplot I discovered while crafting DII--but that should come soon, hopefully.

In the meantime I'm toying with another YA idea, since the fairy book doesn't look like it'll be going anywhere for awhile.  Steampunk, because it is a genre I love, but with magic this time (there's no magic in Skywatch, and also Skywatch is middle grade).  I'm thinking another dual-POV book, and possibly may involve the transcontinental railroad or a steampunk-alternate-history version thereof.  We'll see!

Plus, since I DID fix that scene in The Novel, I need to query that some more.  Yay, a writing to-do list!


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