Mar. 24th, 2014

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Trying to get back into the swing of things is haaaaaard.

Good news: worldbuilding for a new adult novel commencing, we'll see if that goes anywhere, AND my roomate and I hashed out a possible solution to the character arc thing I need to change in The Novel before I send it out to any more agents.

Bad news: After two years of submitting Skywatch to agents (~20, not that many) and 2 full requests that both got form rejections (more worrying), I decide to give my MG steampunk another look.  And it's . . . well.  Let's just say I really don't want to give up on it because I really love the world and the characters, but the writing is mediocre at best and the plot drags.  A MG mystery/thriller should clip along like anything, and Skywatch just doesn't.

Right now I'm hoping this can be fixed with an edit, but it's possible I may sit back after doing a re-read of the whole MS and go, ". . . it needs to be re-outlined and re-written from the ground up."

This would make me VERY SAD but is also something I would do for this book.  Skywatch is all the things I want in MG and I'm determined to do well by it, even if that means a whole truckload more work.

It also means that MG-wise, once I decide what to do with Skywatch, I need to refocus on the dragon book, because if I have to re-write Skywatch from the ground up it's going to move back in the queue.

But I don't know yet!  We'll have to see.


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