May. 31st, 2010

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The story of Sunday at WisCon is below, but basically, I did not get to the place where my laptop was until four in the morning, and needed to get up for a 10 o'clock panel today, so I did not post last night!  Instead, you get the super-concentrated awesomeness of my last two days at WisCon in ONE POST!

Sunday and Monday Panels (and a little more) )

At the end of the day, I can talk about the panels as much as a I want, and it's going to sound dry.  Really, the thing that sets WisCon apart from every other con I've ever been to is the atmosphere.  You're among friends.  Fellow feminists, fellow activists, fellow spec-fic fans, fellow geeks and outsiders.  These people speak our language and feel our pain, even when they screw up and cause pain themselves, as inevitably happens.  They have read (or written!) the books we love.  They share our understanding that media matters, that character matters, that what speculative fiction says matters.

They're also fun!  I have never been to a con as serious or as silly as WisCon.  The formally-dressed audience at the Tiptree Award ceremony last night broke into a song about the winners to the tune of row-row-row your boat!  Panelists decided whether they wanted a fast-zombie apocalypse or a slow-zombie apocalypse!  Earrings were exchanged for haiku, people with pink hair were rampant, and I never felt afraid to go up to someone and talk to them!  Nervous, maybe, but not afraid.  Even when were were talking about privilege and gender and the exhaustion of constant activism, we were teasing each other and digressing and talking about Star Trek characters.

I made friends.  That's never happened before at a con.

I've gotten maybe 17 hours of sleep in the last 92 and I spent most of the time deliriously happy.  People should get to be deliriously happy more often.  It's healing.


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