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In reading over my journal, I noticed that I spend a lot of time talking about my writing and very little explaining what, exactly, each story is.  Therefore, if you're new to this journal or just need a refresher, I've typed up a list of all the work I've talked about on this journal along with a summary of what it is, so the next time I mention The Novel or my steampunk book, you'll know what I'm talking about!

YA urban fantasy/horror about a girl whose best friend can suddenly turn into a swan and all the monsters they attract, human and magical.  First in a trilogy.  Editing.

The Forest War
Middle grade fantasy.  Aster is a day fairy in a forest at war.  When her mother is killed by night fairies, Aster must venture into their stronghold and sabotage the Night Queen in order to protect her people.  But war is never as simple as black and white--not even when it's night vs day.  Worldbuilding and outlining.

YA superhero.  This one's taking quite a while, and is sort of an ongoing background project when I'm not focused on anything else.  I definitely want to write at least one series in this world, so I'm being as careful as I can about the worldbuilding, and my main character is being tricky, too.  I know all about her superhero life, but her civilian life is complicated.

The Girl She Truly Was
Short story published by Daily Science Fiction, free online here.

Well Enough
Short story published in the anthology Sword and Sorceress XXV.

Middle grade steampunk mystery set in a city in the sky.  Main characters are Eshe, and her best friends Sanya and Julien, and they're about 12 years old.  Finished, queryied agents, reassessed upon rejection.  May need total rewrite, so currently shelved.
----Flying Machines: the prospective sequel to Skywatch, Julien's POV.  Outlined.

The Novel
YA high fantasy about a unicorn and her boy.  Main characters are a snarky unicorn named Fiona and a 16-year-old virgin named Owen.  Previously submitted to agents under the name "The Unexpected Knight," currently titled "Besieged."  Finished, heavily revised, queried, revised, currently shelved.

Middle grade fantasy/school drama.  Eva is an orphan fighting her way into an elite school for humans and dragons.  Scorch has failed the Trial to get into the school twice, and this year's his last chance.  They're the least likely to make it through the Trial, and they're stuck with each other.  Editing, currently shelved.

Adult urban fantasy with werewolves.  Lots of werewolves.  Almost exclusively werewolves.  Also, an ensemble cast, but the POV character is Anna Danielle Kowalski, alpha werewolf and accountant.  NB: unfinished, currently shelved, probably permanently.

YA science fiction.  Tomasa C. Jeong and Dawn McKinnon are up to their necks in trouble and sinking fast--or they would be, if the artificial gravity still worked . . .  NB: unfinished, currently shelved, probably permanently.


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