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Apr. 18th, 2014 10:37 am
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So, I'm working on a project -- sadly not fiction, where I seem to be on some kind of plateau -- that I will discuss more as I get closer to discerning whether execution is possible, but it's taking me to some hilarious places.

One of them is an investigation of early Chinese novels, which led me to The Plum In The Golden Vase, the "fifth great novel" of Chinese literature, which has spent most of its five-hundred-plus-year existence banned due to graphic sex. Apparently the first really good English translation has just appeared on the scene; according to the article I'm reading, the first English translation in the 1940s had all the sex, but translated it into Latin instead of English, to get around some censorship law or other.

I assume Latin was chosen because Classicists all have dirty minds anyway.

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Apr. 17th, 2014 03:41 pm
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One thing I find really strange/jarring about a lot of genre YA fiction is how something huge and life-changing happens and then the characters go back to doing normal teen things--particularly going to school. They also don't tell their parents things that they really, really should.

Like, authors, maybe I remember being a teenager better, I don't know, but I have something to tell you: I stayed home when I had to catch a late flight from vacation and nobody wanted to wake up in three hours to work/school the next day.

If I was secretly the princess of a magical kingdom and had until the full moon to find the Fiddlybobs of Rule, I would absolutely not be going to school. And yet, I saw this perpetrated again and again! I can forgive plots where the supernatural side of the story is a secret to be kept from parents (e.g., Animorphs), but that's not relevant in a lot of the books I'm reading now. Or sometimes the characters keep things secret when they really shouldn't because there's no evidence their parents suck, can't handle it, shouldn't handle it, or whatever. When things went south, 90% of the time my first instinct was to make an adult deal with it and those were normal life issues! If I needed to find the Fiddlybobs of Rule I would 100% be asking my parents if they know anybody in the Fiddlybob finding biz.

Were all YA authors raised by rabid disciplinarians?

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Apr. 17th, 2014 12:40 pm
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Well, this has been a week of ups and downs.

I just got my book sale revenues from last month, and they were $110.

*tilts head*

*tilts head other way*

I mean, when I put out a new book, revenues spike, of course, but I didn't put out a new book in March, and By The Days was out early in February. That's a high revenue for a regular month where I didn't publish, and looking at the data, I can't figure out why. It's not like one person bought ten books, and it's not like ten people all bought the same book, 42 people just randomly bought my books.

The only correlation I can see is that I posted my diatribe against gratuitous death in fiction before the spike, and the post was fairly popular, but the timing seems a little disparate.


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Apr. 17th, 2014 12:24 am
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You know, there's a (damaged) part of me that really does believe in love virginity - except coming from the opposite angle of the sex-negative fundamentalist doctrine Libby Anne discusses at the above. Instead of fearing that I was in danger of losing the purity and intactness of my heart as a younger girl, I now find myself horribly convinced that, having oddly enough played by (most) of the old rules, having committed myself to forever with my first boyfriend & first sex partner but then having had that go all to hell, I've irretrivably lost the valuable commodity of a virgin heart. I no longer have one to offer. And without one I feel resourceless.

I know that's broken logic, but that's how it feels, right now, deep down inside. I am glad to have language for it, though, & will seek to do some patching. It's a way that I feel out of touch with my age cohort, because I keep finding emotional resonance in the words of older divorcees leaving long-term marriages that few of my friends have had the time to build as of yet.

I do wonder where I picked this stuff up in the first place.

fooled heart beating so fast

Apr. 16th, 2014 10:12 pm
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I've spent several hours tonight reading Love, Joy, Feminism, by Libby Anne, a blog by a survivor of Christian Patriarchy, and I'm nowhere near through. I didn't expect to find personal connection when I opened a link to her so much as sociocultural analysis, but there are a number of interesting intersections between her experiences and mine: a child of a family-centered family with a lot of closeness and some major boundary issues, a former funny old-fashioned little girl who liked to sew patchwork and wear Laura Ingalls Wilder dresses (and also couldn't afford entrance to the worlds of mall fashion and pop music that my peers inhabited), someone who essentially "married" her very first boyfriend as a young teen. Not to mention my years of decidedly secular but also decidedly oddball homeschooling and the distrust for mainstream culture my parents raised me to. Opposite ideological bent, but same basic set of doctrines: question them, they're not to be trusted. The family way is Best.

There's a weird balance between liberalism and conservatism in being an outsider, I think; I couldn't have been brought up with more radical politics, and certainly in the eyes of Christian Patriarchalists I have been the worst of sinners, but in other ways I recognize the defensive snobbery of the girl-child who wants to believe that she's better than the other girls because she's industrious and family-oriented instead of crass or materialistic, and I'm not sure it mattered that much that my parents were anti-capitalist intellectuals instead of religious fundamentalists, not in the virtuous outsider social psychology of that sort of thing.

But it's awkward, because I still also do often think that the family ways I was raised to ARE Best, really & truly, and I want to be loyal to them.

Relatedly (?), I guess my Mormon childhood bff and intermittent crush object is also moving back up north. I have ... complex? ... feelings about this.

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Apr. 16th, 2014 06:14 pm
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Mum and I have been texting all day about how:

a) The last of Mama Tickey's inheritance came through which means
b) I'm paying off all credit card debt tomorrow but
c) The Tickey family is not as excited as I am because one of my (THOUSANDS OF) stepcousins rolled his SUV down a 200-foot ravine yesterday evening.

Now, he survived, and apparently the worst he took was a broken nose and a broken arm, so there's that at least. But it's a hell of a mood swing to hear "You will never have to look after us in our old age" followed by "[stepcousin] is in the hospital btw, apparently he drove his car off a cliff by accident."

I believe that particular stepcousin is the one who wore jeans and a rodeo shirt to Mama Tickey's funeral. Coincidence, or a gentle reminder from the afterlife? Hm.

The incoming inheritance will be very nice, but I'm a little paralyzed by it. It's more money than I've ever had to my name in my life. Good, but perplexing.

Room share at the Concourse

Apr. 16th, 2014 11:29 am
[personal profile] srhastings posting in [community profile] wiscon
I'm looking for one to three roommates to share my room at the Concourse for three nights starting Friday night. You may contact me at srhastings@msn.com with interest/questions. Thanks!

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Apr. 16th, 2014 01:18 am
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Emerson Cod has a framed print of my grandmother's 1933 Chicago World's Fair poster hanging in his office. I can't even.

My grandmother was born in Chicago in '33, a World's Fair baby, and she's got a tremendous collection of related stuff, but that poster - the one by Glen C. Sheffer, with the lady standing on the globe with her arms outreached - is the one she's always had most prominently on display. In quiet tribute to her, I've used it as an opening object in my science-fiction-topic comp class, and three circular detail-crops top my current syllabus. Suffice it to say that the image is majorly iconic for me and seeing it in this show is blowing my heart to confused sentimental bits.

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Apr. 15th, 2014 03:38 pm
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I have four budgets due in fifteen days, four capacity ratings due on Monday, and five biographies due on Friday, so if I don't post this now I MIGHT DIE BEFORE IT GETS POSTED.

I mean, it's just porn, but still.

Title: I Only Pretend To Know Everything
Rating: R
Summary: Steve and Natasha find a little comfort in each other (and in Sam Wilson's guest bedroom).
Warnings: Spoilers for Captain America 2.

Here at AO3 | Here at Dreamwidth
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Partway through the third season I'm still really enjoying Farscape; I appreciate the way it keeps bending my brain around in weird ways. But watching it is also kind of like playing Crazy Chicken. While I'd picked up the analysis from fannish osmosis of John Crichton as raped, I wasn't prepared AT ALL for the degree to which the show/Ben Browder are dedicated to the depiction of the cracks in his psyche. This is a show about madness - and while at the moment I find that topic deeply compelling I have to admit that there have been moments when I've had to tap out. I couldn't handle the clone arc, just couldn't handle it. I feel so on edge, watching, because I worry that they're going to crack his sanity like an egg at any moment.

And then there are the bits like "Look at the Princess" and "Liars, Guns, and Money," which are just altogether delightful and delicious and delovely and man I love SF multiparters. I'm really into John/Aeryn as a ship, no surprise there. I already knew that I was in love with Claudia Black because duh who isn't, but Gigi Edgly is charming the pants off of me, and I also am really digging on John&Chiana as a platonic bffs deal.

I bopped over into Pushing Daisies because I did kind of need a break from the psychological intensity of Farscape. I'd seen half of the first episode of the second season at home with my parents, and we'd backbuttoned out because it was clear we'd missed too much context by not starting from the beginning. I am PRIMED for Lee Pace; his movie The Fall has been occupying a lot of my psychic real estate since I saw it a few years back, and I just his face. However I did not anticipate the degree or speed with/to which I am DEAD GONE on Ned the Piemaker, who I lust after with more fervor than I've experienced in rather a while. Despite the whimsical charms of lonely tourist Charlotte Charles I ttly ship Ned/Olive; Cheno is da bomb and I cannot resist her squawky little voice. My sib and I spent a lot of hours listening to Jim Dale read the Harry Potter books, so I also pick up a lot of snuggly comfort from his narration.

Aren't media texts with narrators cool? I was trying to list other ones in my head last night and could only come up with Sally Potter's Orlando and Stranger Than Fiction, though I guess you could also say that most of Baz Lurhmann's films and, like, Singin in the Rain are also essentially narrated, just through a variety of schticks rather than an Eliotian interpretive voice from on high.

Compiling links

Apr. 15th, 2014 02:32 pm
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http://www.uic.edu/gcat/LAGER.shtml#d (too expensive)

http://www.gsstudies.uga.edu/programs/german-MA.html (I know a lot of people in Atlanta now)

http://artsandsciences.sc.edu/dllc/GERM/MA (Columbia isn't *that* far...)

https://www.utexas.edu/cola/depts/germanic/GraduatePrograms/Overview.php (I know people in Austin now, as long as they don't move away soon)

https://sllc.umd.edu/german/graduate/maprogram (I know a LOT of people here, and they state up front that people NOT going into academe are welcome; shit, son, living inside the Beltway is expensive)

eCube: Volume 38, No. 5

Apr. 15th, 2014 07:32 am
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A new eCube came out on April 11th. Check it out for information about hotels reservations, confirming preliminary programming assignments, the dessert salon, role-playing gaming, things needed for children to take apart, SFRA, and more. We also need volunteers to run activities at the Gathering and someone to run the Tiptree Bake Sale. You can read the eCube online here.
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state of the me: too busy, too stressed. I'm really looking forward to next month, when I'll be out of school (for good! at least for a while) and able to focus on regrouping, recentering, rebuilding. money is bothersome; I'm too paro and anxious to run close to the financial margin for long without getting fretful.

How do you guys talk to people you care about - family chosen or otherwise - about digital support networks? I ask because as a quiet loner people do fuss about me, and I don't feel like I've ever managed to get across just how powerful digital connection can be. I think they see digital networks as a prosthetic, a stand-in for the social life they think I'm too shy or damaged or whatever to seek out. But. I can't even imagine the last decade of my life without internet media fandom and all the wonderful people it's helped me meet and talk to. Mama talks up the benefit of friends who aren't your be-all and end-all, they maybe rub you wrong ways but they're a social group - but I think there's also something intensely marvelous about the way that digital connection seems to short-circuit small talk, the way it plunges you right into the intensest of intimacies.

when I write that here, I'm confident that y'all will feel me. I wish I could figure out how to get normspace folk to do the same.

(I've been consuming media like a mofo in the attempt to conquer my massive piles of grading, so when I am more able to words on the subject I will post about Farscape and Pushing Daisies, both of which are giving me feelings of the most intense and delightful kind. I meant to do that when I opened the entry window but words are apparently feeling slippery.)

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Apr. 14th, 2014 02:24 pm
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I literally forgot I had a job interview today, and remembered while I was en route to the post office, where I could not retrieve a package from my PO Box because they wanted me to bring the package slip to the desk, where there was a line out the door for service.

The internet is still up but email is just now back, and I still can't access ANY OF MY WORK DOCUMENTS as they are all on the still-nonfunctional shared drive.

The guy who sits across from me, who spits loogies into his trash can at the rate of about two an hour, has hay fever, meaning he's down to about one every ten minutes.

This apartment I'm looking at tonight better be fucking amazing to make up for the rest of today.

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Apr. 14th, 2014 07:55 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

Our email servers at work are down this morning, as are our shared drives, which means literally all I can do while at work is dick around on the internet. Oh, dear.

Ways To Give:

[personal profile] zana16's friend [personal profile] bee were in need of a safe, queer/trans friendly place for himself, his husband, and their cat to stay; they've found a place in Minnesota but need help getting there from New York, primarily funding for moving costs and food. You can read more about how to help, donate, or purchase from their Etsy store here.

[personal profile] secondsilk linked to [personal profile] torachan's fundraiser for a friend who is in the first steps of escaping an abusive relationship. You can read more about the situation here, or support the GoFundMe here.

Nicole has been accepted to the Clarion Writing Workshop, a six-week workshop focused on speculative fiction and taught by professional writers and editors. She is running an Indiegogo to make up the difference between the scholarship she received and the full tuition; she's offering fun perks like ebooks and hardcopies of short stories, plus t-shirts and baked goods. You can read more and check out her IndieGoGo here.

Nicole also linked to a fundraiser for Haralambi Markov, a Bulgarian writer who is also raising funds to attend Clarion (including the cost of airfare and visa fees). You can read more and support his fundraising here.

Joanna linked to a petition asking Amazon to stop supporting the Boy Scouts, inspired by the recent removal of a scoutmaster for being gay.

News To Know:

[livejournal.com profile] happi_feet linked to an article about what you can't buy with food stamps (hint: it's a lot). It also has suggestions for starting a "personal care closet" to help provide these items to your local community center or food bank. This particular article is focused on LGBTQ needs, but the same needs apply across all kinds of people who are living below the poverty line.

[personal profile] charloween wanted to let everyone know about VidUKCon, a UK-based vidder con now in its fourth year. Taking place in Cardiff Bay from Friday 27 June to Sunday 29 June, it's a chance to gather and see vid shows, premiere new vids, and attend awesome panels. Early bird membership ends 27 April; supporting memberships can be purchased which provide access to a live stream of the weekend and a DVD of new vids. You can read more about attendance and membership here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can always post items for my attention in comments here (or on any post) or email me at copperbadge at gmail dot com. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!).
[personal profile] janietas posting in [community profile] wiscon
I am a pretty quiet, non smoker, who likes to sleep about seven hours a night. I arrive Thursday afternoon and leave Monday afternoon. I would not mind staying on the Party Floor.

Janie S
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The past several years, we have held a Vid Party, featuring both premieres and vid shows of older vids, and we will do the same again this year. We'd like as many people as are interested to be part of the programming for the vid party!

Premieres: We are looking for your new vids to premiere at the con! We welcome all fanvids in all genres and from all traditions of fannish video production, and welcome vids from new vidders. The premiere deadline is May 9. See here for all information about submitting a premiere vid.

Working on a Premiere? If you need some help reaching the finish line, last month's Vidding Workshop has plenty of tips and resources. A big thank you to everyone who participated in making the workshop a success.

And if you prefer more one-on-one guidance, check out our Mentorship program!

Mentoring: Want to learn to vid? Want to help someone learn to vid? Sign up for our Vidding Mentorship program! We match up new vidders with experienced vidders as mentors, to cheerlead, answer questions and/or beta. Both new or potential vidders who'd like a buddy, and experienced vidders willing to mentor, sign up here!

You do NOT have to be attending Wiscon to submit premieres or playlists, or to participate in the workshop. If you're interested, we'd love to have you!

Follow [community profile] wiscon_vidparty or [community profile] wiscon/ [livejournal.com profile] wiscon for updates, reminders and information!

On Tumblr? Reblog our post there and help spread the word!

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Apr. 12th, 2014 02:59 pm
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Noooooooo no more apartment hunting, make it stooooooooop.

I looked at two places today, neither of which I loved but both of which were of a higher quality than the others I've seen, so I don't know if I'm being super picky or what. But the awkwardness is what gets me. Hi, I'm a total stranger, can I walk around your apartment and critique it? Oh, is this your dog? Do you have air conditioning?

Worse, we were waiting outside a building for the agent showing the apartment to let us in, and this random dude comes up and starts talking to us about the construction outside the building, how it's killing the grass, how usually the dogs are the ones that kill the grass, and then went off on a FIFTEEN MINUTE TALK about the dogs peeing on the grass. It was like old man stand-up comedy. You know the kind, where the old dude talking to you won't stop talking and the jokes aren't actually funny and would be offensive if you didn't know the person telling them was going to die too soon for it to matter.

Or am I the only person that happens to? It seems to happen to me an inappropriate amount of the time. I need to work on looking less approachable. Maybe I can get like, a stick-on face tattoo or something.

Character Meme

Apr. 12th, 2014 12:45 pm
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I haven't memed for a while, so I'm taking this one from [livejournal.com profile] bessiemaemucho & [personal profile] selenak, among others. Any fandom or character you think I might be familiar with/have opinions about is a go.

Give me a character and I will tell you...

* How I feel about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
* Something about them I consider true, even though it's only my head canon/fanon

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Apr. 11th, 2014 11:51 am
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(Thanks [personal profile] vickita for the image.)


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