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patterns that i observe in my recent-ish creative output, not that there's been so very much of it:

two of the most successful stories I've ever written, until you cry: now you must try my greed and Loving in the war years, use the same two-part structure of surprising the characters initially with an id trope (prostitution, body transformation/size kink/semi-foeyay), having them freak out over it and pull apart to get shit figured out, and concluding with a confession-heavy reunion and tentative get-together sequence

I'm stalled at exactly the same point in my body of work around the Star Wars OT and the Chronicles of Prydain. I've previously completed shorter-but-still-elaborate fics (A bed of daysided gold, Airy cages quelled) that try to repair the cracks in the characters' relationships that I observe in the respective source texts; now I've got these two large WIPs that I've had going for literally years that try to work through those issues instead of undoing them. They're stories that I feel very serious about, enough that I've blocked myself in terms of actual execution

the two pieces I'm closest to finishing right now are both small three-part things teasing the nightmares out of their respective canons (Prydain and BSG 78); they are pretty but dark and bleak

i want to write all these tiny sentimental inconsequential feels-bits of stuff in the Vorkosiverse, and keep not letting myself; and i'm doing the same self-censorship with my work on Peter Pan, even though that's bigger, maybe even biggest

I notice i've been dropping caps in my orthography more often lately, and that i;m likely to do so in two noticeable contexts: when i'm making confessions, and when i'm using academese or moving around academic topics. in the first situation it's more like whispering, but in the second it's totally a typed-up version of vocal fry, deliberately feminized/infantilized refusal to use language without an edge of sarcasm. i seem to be experiencing teen rebellion a decade late via tumblr. i kind of love it?

So, UGA. It's nice.

May. 22nd, 2015 02:14 pm
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I met the grad program director, two faculty members, and the department chair. I got a tour of the department and some of the nearby campus buildings (library, fancy student union/classroom thing).

It's comforting to see that universities everywhere stick their humanities departments in aging buildings.

I liked it. The faculty were nice. They had a crapton of German books. The grad director is a medievalist and has a shelf full of Tolkien (and he said that sometimes a guy in LING offers an Old English/Tolkien class, and on occasion there's a course in Gothic).

I will have to learn a second foreign language, but I could refresh my Japanese or take something like French. I'm looking into getting a head start here, depending on what I take.

The department chair said, "You could apply for spring admission." I didn't know that was a possibility, and I'm not sure I want to? I mean, yeah, sooner started, sooner finished, but that's 6 months away. Application deadline is Sept 15. I could probably swing that, but I don't know. Do I want to start in the middle of the year? It sounds like the setup for something awkward, like not belonging to either fall admission cohort. (Then there's the question of finding an apartment January 1...) IDK. I emailed the program director and asked about that (and about the 2nd language.)

So yeah. I want to make this thing happen. Here's to making my application the best I can.

TV Shows - filming vs airing time

May. 22nd, 2015 07:18 pm
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Hi, I was wondering if anyone here might know the time discrepancy between when a TV show episode is aired vs when they were filmed (preferably for reality TV, game shows, or competitions)?

I googled this, but most information I came across were for TV series and sitcoms, and the time seems to vary anywhere between 2-6 weeks. If I'm understanding it correctly, it seems the early episodes were filmed earlier but the latter episodes may have a shorter time discrepancy. Also, the time has been shortening in modern days as opposed to back in the old days.

What I'm curious about is whether this applies to reality TV or reality game shows. Does anyone know anything about this?

ETA: Or shows that involve the audience or fans to vote for contestants (along the lines of Dancing with the Stars but not completely live?)

Greetings from Athens

May. 20th, 2015 08:49 pm
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I drove down to Athens, Georgia, this morning to visit UGA. It took about 5:45, including 2 stops (1 for lunch & pee, 1 for pee & turning on GPS). Not a bad trip, even if Maps routed me through the least scenic way at the end.

I decided to start getting my bearings by walking from my hotel to a game store practically on campus (to drop off some flyers for Shatterdome Atlanta). It was only about a mile (each way), though it was 90 degrees, sunny, and humid. So by the end, I was really sweaty. And apparently my shoes get looser as my feet get hotter, because they started sliding enough to give me blisters on 3 toes.

Even though the place I wanted to get dinner was only half a mile away, because my feet were hurting, I drove. I went to a vegetarian restaurant called The Grit, where I had pretty good food (Grit Staple (beans, rice, cheese) with a side of falafel, grasshopper cake; local beer) for $19 including tip. Not bad. I was super full at the end of it.

I found the Target after dinner and bought some band aids, then I went to the other gaming shop, which is on the south side of town. The guy there was nicer, and there was gaming actively going on. Lots and lots of dudes, but no one was a jerk, so I'll call it a win.

I drove back by getting slightly lost on campus (the sun was in my eyes, so I couldn't see the sign and turned too early), so now I'm sitting in my hotel and relaxing. I'll probably turn in early, I dunno.

Tomorrow I'm meeting the director of the graduate program at 11, then having lunch with some faculty and meeting the department head at 2, then I'll come home. So I'll be getting home around 9 pm I guess, since I'll have to stop somewhere for dinner, though I can go to like taco bell.

I'm really glad I looked at the department website yesterday to come up with any questions I might have about the program, because either I missed or they added a requirement for a second foreign language. Which means I need to learn a second foreign language. I don't know if it can be done concomitantly with graduate work, but I can't imagine it'd be easy trying to learn a language while doing everything else. So I'm going to ask about that, and see if I can start by taking a year of Turkish at UNC, assuming they actually offer it every semester. I emailed someone in the department yesterday, but I haven't gotten a response yet. So IDK.

They do offer Turkish at UGA, but see above re ZOMGWTF. So if I only had to take one year, that might be easier? La.

So anyway, that's what I'm up to. More later, probably.
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The Ada Initiative is holding an Ally Skills train-the-trainers workshop tomorrow (Thursday) 10am-5pm at the Concourse, and if you're already going to be in Madison, please consider it. It's free to attend but you do have to apply ahead of time to get a ticket ("We will turn down applications from people with a history of harassing behavior."). A few spots are still open as of right now.

I am not affiliated with the Ada Initiative, but I've taught the Ally Skills workshop before, and it's a useful thing to be able to bring to workplaces and community organizations. And all the workshop materials are available under an open license (CC BY-SA) -- including a detailed facilitator's guide you can refer to after the training (or instead of)!

Give it a look. :)

Concourse reservation available

May. 19th, 2015 10:19 am
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Ashok Banker sadly cannot make WisCon and has a Concourse reservation to give up. Does anybody want a Concourse room? It would suck to have to cancel and deal with the cancellation fee.

ETA: Thursday night is free, it seems, and it's a reservation for five nights.


May. 14th, 2015 02:32 pm
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Is there going to be a Clothing Swap at the Gathering again this year?

Grocery stores near our hotels

May. 14th, 2015 01:36 pm
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We've got lots of grocery stores in Madison; many deliver; all sell beer because Wisconsin; some are within ready walking distance of our hotels; all are on bus lines or cheap cab ride away (we do have Uber here).

If you need to keep costs down, in addition to the free food in the Con Suite, many groceries offered prepared food & deli. I've noted those which offer catering if you're hosting a party.

From nearest to farthest away...

Triangle Market
corner store with mostly snacks but some food and cheeses.
2 blocks away
302 State St
open 24 hours.

Extensive & expensive cheese market, with wine & crackers
2-1/2 blocks away (same block as Inn on the Park)
12 South Carroll
Open 10am - 6pm

Capitol Centre Market
Smaller city grocery
3.5 blocks away
111 N. Broom St, Madison
Open 24 hours, online ordering & delivery

Madison Fresh Market
Smaller city grocery, catering & delivery.
6+ blocks away, 0.6 miles
703 University (at Corner of Lake St.)
6am to midnight, 7 days/week
Online ordering & delivery

Willy St Coop
Member-owned coop, small, full-line, non-members pay 20% markup but reciprocity if you are member of any other food coop. Delicious prep food inc., vegan & GF as well as carnivorous options.
2.0 miles away
1201 Williamson
7:30am - 9:30 pm
Online ordering, catering, & delivery

Copps Grocery
Full line, cheaper, small deli, two locations:
1312 S Park St
7am - 10pm
2.1 miles away

3650 University Ave (catty-corner from Metcalf's)
6am - 11pm
3.5 miles away

Metcalfe's Sentry
Full line, upscale, prepared foods, flowers, "natural foods"
3.5 miles away
726 N Midvale (in Hilldale Mall, corner of University & Midvale Aves)
6am to midnight, 7 days/week
Online ordering; delivery M-F only but not Memorial Day.

Woodman's first "warehouse" store in Wisconsin, lowest prices in town, many "ethnic" foods
3817 Milwaukee St
24 hours/day
4.7 miles away

Full line with lots of prepared food & "natural foods"
5.5 miles away
3801 East Washington Avenue
24 hours/day
Catering & delivery

ETA Metcalf's delivery schedule, thank you [personal profile] bibliofile

Daredevil fic recs, please?

May. 13th, 2015 04:40 pm
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I just finished the series yesterday & I basically want all of the stories. I've already read these two by poisonivory, which are fantastic Foggy-POV stories (one missing scene & one Foggy/Matt). I'm basically on board for anything about those two, anything about Karen, any gen or world building, MCU crossovers,etc.

Stories, please?
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I just realized I have a Governors' Club room at the Concourse reserved, arriving May 20 and leaving the 25th, king bed. Anyone want it? Email me quick if you want to take the room over!

It's 185 a night and they will give you a cot to fit in an extra person, for either free or something like $10 a day.


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Lauren K. Moody

Positive Obsession

There is hope in error, but none at all in perfection.
--Ursula K. Le Guin

The universe is made up of stories, not atoms.
--Muriel Rukeyser

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

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