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Lauren K. Moody ([personal profile] anthimeria) wrote2016-09-12 04:44 pm
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donation made easy

I live in fairly cramped quarters, and one of the issues I mentioned was finding places to PUT things while I figured out how/when to drop them off for donation.  I found possibly the easiest way ever to donate (assuming you have easy access to boxes).  It's call Give Back Box.  Basically all you need to do is sign up (free), print a shipping label (free), pack a box, and either drop it off at any post office, or arrange pickup (free).

So I stuffed my culled clothes into a box, signed up, and have a pickup set up for a few days from now.  INCREDIBLY easy.

My only hesitation is that the boxes go to Goodwill, and Goodwill has some ableism issues.  But it's better than the Salvation Army, and once I start packing/culling in earnest, I'll be able to be more careful about where things go.  Also, the enormous stack of books my roommates and I have accumulated for donation WILL be going to book-specific charities, mostly aimed at at-risk kids or the juvenile justice system.  Because every kid deserves to own a few books.

Still!  First box packed, sealed, and about to be gone!