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Lauren K. Moody ([personal profile] anthimeria) wrote2015-09-14 12:07 am

Wingless icon!

Alright, I've finished the first (easier) half of the hardcopy edits.  All the typos I found are fixed, with some easy-to-add or easy-to-delete bits taken care of also.

Next step is applying the macro-level hardcopy edits, which include everything from the half-dozen scenes I marked "needs more sensory detail" to "delete this chapter and replace with something new".

. . . yeah, some of the really big changes may merit their own draft.  We'll see.

At any rate, the current wordcount is 95,719.

Not as low as I'd like but not as high as I feared.  If I do it right, the rest of draft II should take care of a few thousand words.  I hope.