anthimeria: A scary angular outline of a face, the words "Still Watching" (Oracle: Still Watching)
Lauren K. Moody ([personal profile] anthimeria) wrote2014-12-05 08:21 pm


I've been circling around a short story for about a month now, originally a creepy steampunk story, that just wasn't working.  I pulled teeth to get the first few hundred words out and wasn't happy with it.

But yesterday I hit on the idea to change the genre to sci-fi, rework about half the plot, and then when I did this my main character informed me that she had an entirely different background and no, that's not her name, either.

So after retooling all of that, I managed to sit down and spit out ~500 words yesterday, which makes me VERY happy.  500 words isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things, especially as a novelist, but they're 500 good words, and 500 words of enjoyable writing, which is an experience I haven't had in a while outside of worldbuilding.  500 words of story!

I'll likely be distracted by that for the next little while, but will definitely wander back to the steampunk YA book soonish.

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